Internationally-recognised haematologists Prof. Mathias Rummel and Prof. Martin Dreyling were recently interviewed by Assoc. Prof. Judith Trotman in Lugano, Switzerland, where they shared expert insights on the latest clinical data around RIBOMUSTIN® (bendamustine) to treat newly diagnosed patients with iNHL and MCL. 


Prof. Rummel is the head of Department for Haematology at the Justus-Liebig University-Hospital in Giessen, Germany, while Prof. Dreyling is Professor of Medicine and head of the Lymphoma Programme at the University Hospital, Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany.


Read through this newsletter to know more about this insightful meeting or watch the below videos where the experts share their opinions on treatment and patient management strategies in newly diagnosed iNHL and MCL.


Meet internationally-recognised haematologists Prof. Mathias Rummel and Prof. Martin Dreyling, both of whom specialise in the treatment and management of lymphomas.

Prof. Rummel talks about the pivotal StiL trial and shares long-term results from its 10-year analysis, highlighting the benefits of an extended time to next treatment with RIBOMUSTIN.

Prof. Dreyling talks about the 5-year results from the BRIGHT trial, highlighting data on survival and response rates with RIBOMUSTIN + rituximab versus R-CHOP/R-CVP.

Prof. Dreyling addresses differences between the two trials assessing RIBOMUSTIN and shares his expert nsights on treatment choices in follicular lymphoma.

Learn about the latest clinical data on overall survival with RIBOMUSTIN vs standard chemotherapy.

Prof. Rummel shares his views on addressing the term ‘cure’ in follicular lymphoma following the recent improvements in the overall duration of remission and survival.

Learn about the considerations for re-treating with RIBOMUSTIN at relapse following an extended time to next treatment.

Prof. Dreyling shares his views on treatment considerations in MCL based on the patient’s age, disease type and ability to transplant.

Prof. Rummel talks about the common side-effects observed with RIBOMUSTIN and their management.

Know more about the risk of opportunistic infections with RIBOMUSTIN and strategies to prevent them.

Prof. Rummel addresses questions around RIBOMUSTIN’s impact on stem cell collection for subsequent autologous transplantation.

Learn about Prof. Rummel’s expert opinion on treatment choices in younger and fitter iNHL and MCL patients.


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